Shanghai Boerkang Vacuum Electron Co., Ltd.is one famous company in China,which is focus on design,development,producing and selling.It has already passed the ISO 9001 certification.The company is the member of Chinese Vacuum Society and The Net of Chinese Vacuum Technical Information. It has many engineers who are very professional in vacuum electron developing area. They are using the advanced precision instruments,detection apparatus and special equipments continuously,to assure the quality of their products reliable and stable. Right now,the company has nine series and more than 30 specification products,such as the models RS,RD,RB,2RB,RK,2RK,2XZ,2X,2XZ-B and so on.They have already passed the CCC and CE certification and obtained high reputation in the market.

The products of Boerkang are widely used in some different areas,such as the industry of refrigeratin,reparatin for automobile air conditioner,printing,chemical industry,lighting,electron,medical instruments,food packaging,experiment equipments,teaching instruments,vacuum packaging,etc.
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